Start your Season Right! A few Great Upland Products

Posted On: October 14, 2015 BY Delamere

  I’ve been lucky enough to get out a few days already this year, birds aren’t quite here but it is a great time to be outside. I think I’ve got a pretty good system worked out for myself but we get lots of questions this time of year about gear. Here are a few new ones and few I couldn’t do without.

Filson Mesh Game Vest
  Anybody who has read my blogs or hunted with me won’t be surprised by this one. I got one of these when they first came out and have not been disappointed. It is lightweight, breathes well, and holds most of what I need for each outing.

We also have plenty of options for those who prefer full vest, jackets, and tin cloth strap vests.

Danner Grouse and Sierra Boots
      Both great boots for all kinds of bird and big game hunting. The Grouse is a store favorite, un-ninsulated with Cordura panels to cut weight, Air-bob soles, and Gore-Tex.
      We just picked up the Sierra a few years ago. I can’t think of a much better boot for for hunting around here. Gore-Tex, 200 grams of thinsulate, Vibram soles that are less aggressive than the air-bob’s. I know a few guys using this boot and all have been extremely happy with it.

Geier Gloves
  We get these in a variety of weights and designs. The pair pictured is their shooting glove. It is lightweight deerskin with venting. These gloves handmade in Washington state for hunters, ranchers, cowboys and anyone who needs serious hand protection. They come to us in a brown paper parcel.

Woolrich Bering wool shirt
  A great late season product! I grew up wearing high quality wool hunting shirts. I don’t know where they made off to but I have really missed having one the last few years. It has been hard to find one light enough to wear as a normal shirt but heavy and well made enough to hunt in. One of these will be in my closet before we get too deep into fall.

 Filson Down Cruiser vest
   A heavy down, waxed canvas vest that could take a place of a coat on the coldest days. Pair this with a warm wool shirt or sweater and you’d be all set. Great for the field or running around town.

A few shots from around the shop…


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