Michigan Trout Fishing

Posted On: October 21, 2015 BY Delamere

          Last weekend my dad and I got up to do some trout fishing in Northern Michigan. We fished the Pere Marquette for two days and the Au Sable for two days. This time of year the east side and west side offer very different experiences; streamers vs. eggs. It was awesome….
Fall dress

          On the PM we were fishing with egg flies off of gravel. Since the PM has no dams, the salmon make it up into the “Flies Only” section of the river in Baldwin MI and spawn. The resident trout  position themselves behind these spawning salmon and gobble up their loose eggs. The kings will dig redds and spawn on gravel, while the browns sit back and enjoy the free and plentiful protein. We were fishing 6wts with 3-4X fluorocarbon tippet. Water was very low and clear but they still played. We picked up some solid fish and some very colorful fish.

Fall colors were awesome as well! How can you beat this stuff? Weather was also crazy. We had snow, hail, sleet, warm/sunny, cloudy, thunder/lighting and temps in the 20s. All in 4 days! Solid trip as per usual to Michigan. Best fishing opportunities in the east if not in the whole country (this is a fact, don’t argue)…

Everyone pray for some local rain so our local cold water streams come up in flow! I’m dying for some streamer activity. Looking to be a good fall/winter. Call us at the shop with any questions (513) 871-3474.

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