Shags Run Hunting Pics

Posted On: December 9, 2015 BY Delamere

     I headed down to Shags today for my day off to hunt alone with Rye. We did pretty well. We killed  about 8 birds and missed a few more. My shooting was less than impressive today. Once the birds hit the wind on the ridges, the birds got moving fast. The Tennnessee Reds are always fast anyways.

    Billy has me hunting in style these days. he picked this toy up a few months ago. It has made a huge difference in transporting dogs and hunters around the farm.

Pointing Chukar in the stubble. It looked pretty cool in person. The grass was only about 6 inches high.

   I had no more than put Rye on the ground when she pulled this point out of the air about 20 feet away from the machine and literally feet away from where I had just drove through. The wind was blowing on this ridge and I left a few birds missing tail feathers but no worse for the wear.

     This is Briar. I put him on the ground several times today but except for this cripple, he didn’t make much game. He is young and still has some to learn. Great dog otherwise. Handled very easily and was a pleasure to hunt with.

   Billy has been staying pretty busy with hunts. Give him a call at 513-200-1846 if you are interested in booking a hunt.




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