A Good End to 2015…

Posted On: January 1, 2016 BY Delamere

          My dad and I floated the Mad River yesterday to do some strip and rip streamer fishing. Flows were up and clarity was down, overcast skies didn’t hurt us either. We had  great time and put some solid fish in the boat. Not only did my dad get his first brown over twenty, but he got TWO over twenty! It was a good way to send out 2015.

          There was a specific feeder creek that was pumping in very off color (but not muddy) water. Everywhere above this the viz was around 2 ft and below was 1-1.5 ft. Above the creek we did best with some chart./yellow mini Drunk & Disorderly’s but below it was all about the black/copper or black/chart. These were a little more visible in the water due to their contrasts and they paid the bills for us!
          We fished 7wts all day with 250gr sink tips and heavy tippet. We even got to break in the new boat net properly (new gear always curses our boat). In all we boated around eight fish, two in the low twenties, and moved a handful more. I thoroughly enjoyed rowing while watching my dad roll and connect with some twenties. It was an awesome day…

May 2016 be filled with lots of fishing and even a few big ones for all!

Tight Lines,
Alexander Helmicki

Awesome colors! 
Some past handling problems… Look at the corner of the jaw.

You can’t see it but this guy has a double articulated 10″ fly in his mouth!



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