Hunting at Arrowhead Pheasants

Posted On: February 11, 2016 BY Delamere

       I’ve been wanting to try out some new hunt clubs lately, so I jumped on the chance to hunt with an old friend and his dog at Arrowhead near Wilmington, OH.  It doesn’t really compare to Shags Run, but it is a nice place and a good alternative.

       Drake has a nice older GSP who was a lot of fun to hunt with. Both of us had a ton of fun watching our dogs cooperate and work as a team. Ace did a great job covering everything close to us while Rye worked further out. They backed each other well.

   The fields seemed a bit more compact than the fields at Shags, though I only saw a little bit of the property. Our dogs worked so efficiently that any fields may have seemed small. The dogs pointed 16 birds in an hour and half, we killed about 14. Even the owners who see lots of hunters were a bit surprised at how quickly we went. In all fairness we put  12 Chukar down and they don’t give hunters the slip the way quail or pheasant occasionally do.

 Just wanted to share a few pics of the dogs pointing and backing. Enjoy!

She gives it her all when we hunt, when we get home she passes out hardcore!


Delamere & Hopkins



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