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The Origin of Tweed

is commonly thought that tweed emerged in Scotland and Ireland as a way
for the farmers there to battle the chilly, damp climate that
characterizes those parts. Tweed began as a hand woven fabric. The cloth
was rough, thick, and felted and the colors were muted and earthy.  It
was truly a working man’s cloth. As far as the name goes, there are a
couple of theories.
  1. There
    is a River Tweed in Scotland and the cloth was made in the Tweed
    Valley, and some believe that is the origin of the word.
  2. A
    more popular legend has it that the name tweed is a twist on the
    Scottish word for “tweel” or twill in our parlance, which is the
    signature weave of the fabric.  It is said that in 1826, a London
    clerk accidentally transcribed an order to “tweel” and wrote
    “tweed” instead, and from there the name came into use.
Whatever the origin, tweed is a rugged fabric, resistant to wind and water with excellent insulating properties.

Barbour Men’s Gamefair Tweed Jacket

The men’s Barbour Tweed
Gamefair Jacket is a part of the sporting collection.  Expertly crafted
with an 100% wool tweed outer.  The classic British look.

abundance of features make it extra prepared for winter,including a
storm-fly front,handwarmer pockets and a relaxed fit that allows for
plenty of room for layering on frosty days.

Regularly $499     ON SALE $349 


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