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Posted On: May 16, 2016 BY Delamere



You may have noticed in the last few blog posts the new T&T rods we’ve been trying out. Well, we liked what we saw and decided to bring a few of these rods into the shop. These are truly a new generation of Thomas & Thomas rods.

T&T sent us four rods to try out. We received a Spire 5 and 6 weight and a Solar 6 and 8 weight. These are the rods weights we reach for most around here. Since we’ve had a pretty good spring around here and lots of opportunities, we got a pretty good feeling for what these rods could do.
The Spire is a medium action rod built for trout fishing or light warm water fishing. Depending what weight you want, this rod will handle anything we have around here. This rod features a stunning wood reel seat and great looking metal
work. 6 weight and up feature a full wells grip for more a more
comfortable grip while making longer casts. Several of us used this bass fishing on small creeks and Mark took it down to Tennessee for a week of small stream trout fishing. The rods did great in both situations.

The Solar is T&T’s fast action saltwater rod. We tried both the 6 and 8 in a variety of fishing conditions and were really pleased. These are very strong rods with backbone to spare. All the rods in this series feature great looking aluminum reel seats and double locking nuts for saltwater strength. In the last few years we have really begun to appreciate a fighting butt on a 6 weight as we use our 6’s to tackle bigger, more powerful fish.

T&T has always been known for using the finest components to build beautiful and extremely functional rods.

We’ve always been T&T fans, but these new series have really impressed us. Enough so that we are stocking the right rod for you. We have Spire’s in 5 and 6 weight and Solar’s in 6, 8, and 9 weight right now.



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