Day 1 in Belize

Posted On: September 4, 2016 BY BrianBarnard

We were greeted by 20 Mph winds today, but found plenty of water that was protected by the many islands that dot the landscape. We started out the day looking for permit and there were lots of them around. We saw some pairs and small groups that were in the 5-8 pound range and we managed to land one of the smaller ones…but as the guides here in Belize say…”you spell them all the same way.” Their way of saying, you caught a permit, be excited!

The tarpon were rather numerous too, but we failed on connecting with one.  Several other guys in camp landed tarpon today which was awesome. One guy, never fished here before, landed a slam on his first day!! Unreal…a slam with really windy conditions…on your first day.

That is the beauty of Belize. There are heavy quantities of all three species and literally you have a chance at any time to go from a tough day to a slam in the matter of an hour! It is why we keep coming back.

Its almost dinner time here…tonight we have fresh fish, crab, and potatoes….I will post some pics soon if I can get them to upload…





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