Wading the flats in Belize

Posted On: September 10, 2016 BY BrianBarnard

Today we took a new approach to our fishing and stayed close to the lodge and waded the surrounding flats.  We ventured out in a kayak and found a secluded flat that we had not fished during our previous trip.  The wind was as calm as I have seen it all week and we were greeted with hundreds upon hundreds of bonefish with countless tails reaching out of the water.

We spent a few hours slowly working the flats and catching bonefish from one side of the flat to another.  It was an amazing way to spend the morning.  Most of the bonefish were smaller, but a few of them gave us some runs into the backing.

It is always fun to chase tailing fish.  There is something special about stalking up on them, presenting a cast just in front of the school and watching them fight to get to the fly first.

This has been another amazing trip and we can’t wait to book our return visit.  If you are interested in joining us next Sept., let us know.  We would love to introduce you to the beauty of Belize.



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