In the Field 10-18-16

Posted On: October 19, 2016 BY LukeSedacca

Bug- A super sweet little English Pointer.
              I’ve been out once or twice looking for Woodcock and trying to get Rye in shape for this season. Haven’t found any woodcock yet but have found some new spots on public land and Rye is so happy to get out and run a bit.
              When I spoke to Billy Gerwin (Shags Run) the other day he mentioned he had seen some Woodcock on his property. So yesterday I took the opportunity to head down for the first time this season. In addition to running Rye, Billy also was kind of enough to let me use a few of his dogs as well. It works for both of us. I get some extra dog power and the young dogs get to hunt without the pressures of paying clients.
Tools of the trade- My Fausti Double and some light #7.5’s and more powerful #6’s. Never know exactly what I might find.
        Anytime I hunt at Shags Run I go prepared for a few different situations. Anyone can do this but it works particularly well for me since I shoot a double trigger side by side and can choose which barrel and therefore which load to shoot in a second. My first barrel (front trigger) is choked Improved Cylinder so that usually carries a light #7.5 for quail, woodcock, chukkar or any other close shots. If I fail to connect with the first barrel or a different shooting situation comes up, my second barrel (back trigger) is choked Modified. This carries a bit tighter pattern which performs better at longer range or on bigger birds. This barrel usually carries either has high brass, high speed #7.5’s or high brass #6’s. With this combination I can very effective.
Briar just taking a look. Briar is Rye’s brother.
                  It was a hot morning and even though we quit hunting around 10:00, Rye, Bug, Briar, and I felt the heat. The cover looks better than it ever has before but is still quite green. Between that and the lack of moisture the dogs had to work for their birds. I was just as excited as the dogs. We bumped the first few birds but eventually got a very nice point.
Rye and Bug trying to figure it out.
First birds of the season.
         If you’re interested in booking a hunt at Shags Runs, Billy offers both guided hunts and self guided hunts for those with their own dogs. Call him at 513-200-1846.
          Once you’ve booked a hunt stop by the shop, we have the clothing and accessories to make your day comfortable and pleasurable.



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