New Toys for Fall

Posted On: October 20, 2016 BY LukeSedacca

          Just in time for fall adventures on the water or in the fields and woods we just got a few knives that should appeal to sportsmen of every type. Great for hunting or fishing trips, camp knives, or a handy tool to keep in the truck these knives will last a lifetime.


         The Buck Vangaurd is a no-frills, get-the-job done hard-worker. A well balanced knife and durable Cordura sheath make this great knife for anything from farm work to game cleaning and butchering. Anyone who has ever used a knife with wet or bloody hands will appreciate the rubber checked grip which cut down on hand fatigue and make for a much safer experience.  The blade profile is extremely versatile and will perform every chore a hunter needs from shaving tent spikes to cleaning, skinning, and butchering game.



     If you lean a bit more traditional, try one of these classic Buck knives. These have been in the Buck line for a very, very long time and they continue to sell.
    The Pathfinder is a general purpose outdoor knife. This would make a great camp knife for any adventure you could think of.
     The Skinner as its’ name suggests is a bit more specialized. The rounded tip and deep belly make for a great skinning and field-dressing knife with plenty of strength for even the biggest jobs. Both knives include black leather sheaths that should last a lifetime or more.
        For those who want a lighter package we are stocking both of the knives above. They are from the Buck Packlite series. Built for rugged use when the weight of every ounce matters, these knives will fit the bill. The Skinner is a great general purpose knife but will excel in any game dressing situation. While the Caper style blade is built for the detail knife work that trophy hunting demands, it could also be a great little “bird & trout” knife. Both blades come with long lasting and durable Cordura sheaths.


           This might be my favorite set. Outdoor Edge gives us three key tools in a ergonomic package. The Swing blade knife is a fixed blade sheath knife that transforms into a gut hook with the simple press of a button. I always worry about the ruggedness of tools like this but this one feels like it could be used for years with no problem. Also included is the handy T-handled bone saw. Hunters will find this tool handy for game dressing applications as well as trimming shooting lanes, preparing camp, and multitude of other chores.Both pieces come in a high quality leather sheath.
         They key to this set is its’ lightweight and handy packaging. Often we find ourselves without the tools we need because it is inconvenient to carry it all. With this set that excuse doesn’t work anymore!
         Stop by the shop to handle any of these knives and find all the other goodies that will make this fall more fun.



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