Day 1 Grouse Trip

Posted On: October 31, 2016 BY LukeSedacca

      Since Will and I got in around 2:30 last night, we decided to sleep in a bit this morning and not rush into anything. We spent quite a bit of time looking over maps of the country we could potentially hunt. Will is an old friend of mine. I feel pretty lucky I got invited on this trip with him and his two shorthair’s, Chester and Hyde.dscn1513

We also needed some time to get our hunting and dog necessities together.


My Filson sportsman bag is coming in very handy

Rye and her new compadres. They slept like babies the whole drive up from Cincinnati.
   We also made time to stop at the Main street cafe and fill up on very hearty breakfast food. My breakfast was hearty, Wills’ was enough for Paul Bunyan. The biggest omelet I’ve ever seen and two huge pancakes.


    We had a rainy morning so we got out to hunt around 2ish. Between 2:30 and 6:00 we ended up with about 10 grouse flushes and several Woodcock flushes. Unfortunately, we didn’t connect on any. I had one bird dead to rights when it flushed out of a spruce tree right over our heads and straight down a logging road but Will and I had previously agreed to shoot only pointed birds. Rye did well today but has lots to learn from old pro’s like Chester and Hyde.
That’s a welcoming committee I won’t ever get tired of.

dscn1518 dscn1517


Delamere & Hopkins

2708 Erie Avenue

Cincinnati, OH  45208


Mon-Thurs  10-8

Fri-Sat  10-6

Sun  11-5



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