Grouse Trip Day 2

Posted On: November 1, 2016 BY LukeSedacca

     We hunted and drove national forest roads today from about 9-6 p.m.  Long day.  Will and I hiked about 5-7 miles while the dogs did a good deal more. Weather has been mild and mostly dry. A bit of wind tonight made dog work tough.
   Most of my gear is working great.  My Filson boots have been as comfortable as any boot could be I suppose.  The one thing that needs some serious improving is my hunting vest.  I love my Filson mesh vest for hunting around home, but for this all day hunting and dog care I need something with more carrying capacity and better weight distribution.  I’ve known this for a while, but since I only do one trip or so like this every year, it is easy to forget about it.
    We are tired.  We flushed around 16 grouse today and 10 woodcock.  We each killed one grouse and we both killed 2-3 woodcock.  Rye made her first solid grouse point today and I killed my very first grouse after shooting at quite a few today.  Will got me hooked on grouse hunting several years ago when we were at school in Virginia.  Kinda fitting I killed my first grouse with him.  This is tough hunting.  Tough on dogs, people and gear.  My gun has a few new nicks and scratches!
Very tired pups
What I’m trying to carry to carry in my vest plus about 20 shells and a handful of buckshot for emergencies and of course my camera. I’d love to be able to fit in a jacket or vest as well..
Need to see what this is all about…
Typical “light” cover
First Woodcock
My very first grouse. We were trying to find a bird Rye pointed and we thought we “winged”. This bird was probably the same. It flew strong and flushed wild and gave me a “gift” shot.





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