In the Field 1-7-17

Posted On: January 8, 2017 BY LukeSedacca

   I was invited early in the week to duck hunt on East Fork lake with a friend. Though I’ve done a bit of duck hunter and enjoy it, I wouldn’t consider myself a true duck hunter. I still have lots to learn about ducks and geese. Despite the cold temp’s yesterday we planned to go ahead. I only took a few pictures since I was all bundled up and digging the camera out wasn’t super easy. We saw a lot of birds but only had a pew passing birds come close enough to shoot at. The fog coming of the lake made for a pretty picture. After a few shots from across the bay we heard the hunter cheering and laughing. I totally understood his elation.



     We didn’t kill any birds but it was great to get out as always. I love the post hunt meal- especially after a very early and cold morning like we had yesterday. A cup of coffee and some Goldstar was perfect. The ladies running the restaurant even let us in a half hour before they opened.
     On the way home my dad mentioned going pheasant hunting that afternoon at the club he belongs to. We ran out to the club around 2:30 and despite the cold had a good time. Our dogs are still learning to work as a team and yesterday was an improvement. With gloves, shotgun, whistle, dog collar remote, and the cold I didn’t get around to taking many pictures. The dogs had a great time but were happy to curl up in the backseat and warm up as much as we were. img_0011



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