In the Field 1-28-17

Posted On: February 2, 2017 BY LukeSedacca


       It’s been a busy fall and winter around here. We’ve had a great season at the store and my life has been just as busy. Between carpentry projects, getting engaged, and family commitments, I’ve hunted a bit less this year. With said, when I do get to hunt it is all the better.

        This past weekend I got a few of close friends and my dad together to visit Shags Run. We had a great day. In a month of rain and clouds we actually got a a beautiful clear and cold day. The weather man on the news last night actually said the month of January only had 3 full days without any kind of rain. hahha!

Another group of Shags Run regulars brought this little guy. He has been hunting with his father for a few years and it won’t be long till he can pack a shotgun instead of his Red Ryder BB gun. My dad and I both enjoyed this so much because I grew up the same way and was hunting with my father at a very young age. This little guy enjoys it immensely!


     We got to watch some good dog work and had fun running our dogs together. Of course I had Rye, Josh had his Springer Spaniel Tana, and my dad had his German Wirehaired Pointer Sossie. They hunted well together. Sossie and Tana are both strong retrievers so there was that was kind a battle of wills but everyone  behaved. Billy was out of quail so we put out Chukar. They are my favorite birds to eat!




I also got to try out my new Wingworks hunting vest for the first time. It worked excellently and while overkill for preserve hunting, it will be just the ticket for wild bird hunting.

     Also need to thank Josh, as he took some of the pictures here. I always like to see the day from a different angle than my own.



If you are interested in hunting at Shags Run give Billy Gerwin a call at 513-200-1846. He will be happy to show you some excellent dog work and great day.




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