Wynfield Quail Hunt

Posted On: February 4, 2017 BY MarkTaylor


        This week I went down to Wynfield Plantation, located in Albany, Georgia. I was able to experience perfect quail hunting, weather, food, dogs, and guides. When we landed we were picked up by our guide and taken to the lodge, and given a classic southern lunch. After lunch, we were picked up and taken to the fields to begin our hunt.





               The  hunt started off strong, with two pointers and a flusher nothing could get past us. When these dogs got tired, in the Georgia heat, they were swapped out with numerous other pointing dogs and flushing dogs inside the Jeep. This insured that we were getting the best out of all of the dogs, including German Short Hairs, English Pointers, and English Setters.



                These dogs will hold points for ages, and never flared one bird during our hunts. This type of hunting everyone could grow accustomed to, and is likely why Wynfield is seen as such a respected lodge/plantation.




                 With over 2,000 acres to hunt on, there is no shortage of fields. The fields are open, well kept, and spacious. These fields provide a lot of cover for the quail, while still having room for the dogs to move in and flush them out.


                        At the end of your hunt, you can relax by your cabin, watch TV, talk with friends, or enjoy drinks at the lodge. The experience I had at Wynfield was terrific, I enjoyed  everything from the friendly workers, the southern cooking, the comfortable housing, and not to forget the outstanding quail hunting. The trip has showed me what true quail hunting is like, and I have been spoiled! I can’t wait to go back, and re-live the excellent moments I had at Wynfield Plantation.

-Mark Taylor







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