Field Pictures 3-20-17

Posted On: March 22, 2017 BY LukeSedacca

Josh and I made a plan to run down to Shags Run for a quick morning hunt. We both needed to run our dogs and Josh had to do a little “maintenance” training with his dog Tana. Rye had a great time and was so excited to run and hunt. I tried to get some videos of her working the field.

Josh has a very well trained Springer Spaniel. We have a blast hunting my pointing dog and his flushing dog together. The combination definitely adds something to the hunt. We weren’t sure how it would work the first few times we tried it but now booth of our dogs are pretty used to it. Tana is a much stronger retriever than Rye is but with anytime there is a bit of competition Rye decides to prove she can retrieve if she wants to. We get a  lot of good laughs.




We also got to meet a new Pointer pup that Billy picked up recently. The little guy is going by “Striker”. He has an excellent pedigree and may be a great stud dog at some point.




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