First Smallies of the Season!

Posted On: April 11, 2017 BY LukeSedacca

      I got out this morning to do a little pre-guide trip scouting. I headed to one of the streams we all enjoy fishing. Rain was forecast but when I woke up we were still dry. About 15 minutes into my drive it started pouring and I really began second guessing my decision and thinking very seriously about turning around and heading home but instead I kept going. The rain began to slow down as I reached my destination. The water still looked relatively clear so I jumped in and tied on one of the purple and white bucktail flies that have become really productive flies for us.

    I fished about 500 yards of water concentrating on tailouts of pools and any kind of structure. I caught several fish on the purp and white’s and one or two on Murdich wigglers. We have plenty of both of these flies in the shop. There were a few good females, heavy with eggs but also several smaller males. With the rest of the rain we got this afternoon, it’ll probably take the local streams a day or two to clear up.




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