smallmouth fishing report from Friday

Posted On: April 29, 2017 BY Mark Walters

As I was getting my gear together, these three came fairly close to check me out.

Even though I wanted to try some top-water poppers, the air and water temperature were cool and I thought I better stick with streamers.  I started the day throwing Ted’s purple & white.  I used a 12′ sink leader with some 0X fluoroflex running off of that.

The nice thing is that even though the purple & white is a larger streamer with a big hook, I did not get it caught on the bottom in the shallow areas too often.  After working my way up stream with no luck, I came upon some slack water with a big cliff dropping straight into the water.  I threw the fly against the bank a few times and then this guy charged out and slammed the streamer.  He gave me a really nice fight.

After picking up a few fish on the famous purple & white, things started to slow down.  I decided to switch to my tried and true: bead head rubber leg brown wooly bugger (which we have custom tied for D&H) in a size 4.  The bugger did not let me down and I picked up four smallies on that fly.  I had to get off the stream and go meet a customer to work on his casting for an upcoming Bahamas trip.  Not a bad day on a local stream; all fish were between 13-15″ except for one youngster.

If you want to try the purple & white, stop in the shop.  Ted has tied up a mess of them.

Ted uses top quality Gamakatsu hooks for his purple & white

If you come into the shop, ask us to show you what line and leaders we use for a successful day on the stream.



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look closely and you will see what I kicked up as I was walking down a trail to the stream




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