chasing smallies in Kentucky

Posted On: July 15, 2017 BY Mark Walters

I ran down to Kentucky yesterday and hit a portion of the Licking River.  The day was beautiful with just some rumbling of thunder in the distance.  After all of the rain we had I was not surprised to see that the water was very stained.

I started out being optimistic for some topwater action and tied on a Dixie Devil.  After three cast, I wasn’t feeling it and switched to a clouser.  Nothing.  I switched to a Zuddler and picked up a small guy and then nothing for a long time.  I switched flies a few more times and…nothing.

I really liked the look of the structure, but…nothing.

I switched to a bead head rubber leg brown bugger.  Just off the edge of a grass island I saw a small disturbance and so I cast and landed the fly a few feet beyond and to the left of the disturbance.  As I stripped the streamer past the target area…BAMM!!!….he smashed the fly and went airborne.   After a nice fight and another huge jump I brought him to hand.  He measured 14″ and fought like he was 32″!!!

The rest of the day belonged to bead head rubber leg brown bugger.  Eight more fish decided that that was the fly they wanted.



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