new Filson bags in the shop

Posted On: August 30, 2017 BY Mark Walters

Years ago Filson had two bags that were great for outdoor sporting activities.  These were “go to” bags for the D&H crowd.  Then Filson discontinued both styles.  D&H  brought this up at every meeting we had with Filson; we would not let it go; we beat it in the ground…over and over and over.  BIG NEWS…both styles have been brought back and we have them in the shop.  Perfect timing with hunting season opening this Friday!

Theses bags are great for dove shooting, taking to the waterfowl blind, clays shooting, keeping your bird dog gear in or just keeping in the back of your truck with all sorts of necessities in.

Compartment Bag

If you see me in the dove fields over the next two weeks, this is the bag I will be carrying

Sportsman Utility Bag




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