report from the first D&H Dove Shoot of the season (day 3 of the season)

Posted On: September 5, 2017 BY Mark Walters

The guys at D&H have been looking forward to the first shoot of the season for many months.  Billy has been working hard in the fields to get things just right for a successful season.  Then what happens…Harvey!!  We had to postpone our hunt that was scheduled on September 1st (the 23rd Anniversary of D&H).  Not sure what huge rains and winds and cool weather would do to the bird count.  We kept our fingers crossed and continued to prepare for the shoot on September 3rd.

The morning of the 3rd was a little cool, but no rain.  As customers started to arrive the temperature was rising and it felt more like dove weather.  We gathered the shooters together to have a short talk and then pegs were picked.

As we carted everyone out to their pegs, we saw some birds flying here and there.  Not too long into the day shots were being taken all over the farm.

As the day progressed the flights became stronger and stronger and the groups became larger.

Late in the afternoon the flights became frantic and a number of pegs were calling for more shells.

Stay low.  Stay tight.  Don’t move and flare the birds.  Make sure you and your buddy are looking in different directions.  If you picked your birds and stayed focused, a limit was yours.

After a great shoot, the cleaning of birds and the enjoyment of refreshments and stories began.

Everyone gathered around the dining tables and helped themselves to a plate or two of home cooked vittles.

Dove shooting can be a roll of the dice.  All you can do is prepare your fields and pray that weather and temperature do not curse you.  Billy spends a ton of time working to make sure we have a good day…and we did!

The next dates for D&H Shoots are September 8th and September 16th.  Call the shop if you are interested.  513-871-3474



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