report from the second D&H Dove Shoot of the season

Posted On: September 10, 2017 BY Mark Walters

When I was carrying my gear out to my vehicle Friday morning, I was concerned about the cool temperatures.  I checked and it was 48 degrees in Cincinnati and all I could think about was that all the birds we had in the fields have flown south.  When I arrived at the dove fields, Billy informed me that it had gotten down to 42 at the farm.  I was nervous.

Customers started to arrive and we got everyone organized, picked pegs and then hit the field.  There were a few birds randomly flying, but nothing strong.  As I walked around the fields visiting with shooters there were shots here and there, but nothing too exciting.  Well my concerns were correct, the majority of our birds must have headed out.

The weather was nice with a slight breeze and plenty of sun.  The high of the day probably reached 72.  If you have to sit in a field and see no birds, at least it wasn’t bakin’ hot!

Then we started to see some birds flying…and some more…and more!

Some of the pegs were pulling out because they had reached their limit.  Others were getting close and others said they had all the shooting they wanted, just not as many birds in the bag as they wanted.

Towards the end of the shoot I was counting groups of 18 or more birds.

It ended up to be a solid shoot and then it was time to clean birds and enjoy some good cookin’.

If you are interested in a spot at our last shoot of the season happening on September 16th, contact the shop at 513-871-3474.



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