first weekend of Six Nations Rugby Tournament

Posted On: February 4, 2018 BY Mark Walters

I have been anticipating the start of the Six Nations tournament and wanted to see a Scotland that was going to be a contender.  After Scotland took care of Australia in November (53-24), everyone thought they would have something to show in the Six Nations.  Well…it was not to be.  Wales had no problem with Scotland on Saturday and the contest was not that interesting.  As a reporter in Britain said, Scotland was “Beaten up and embarrassed”.  Wales 34-7 Scotland

The second match of the day was Ireland vs France.  This was not that exciting of a match until the last minutes.  France was up by one point with about two minutes to play and after 41 grueling phases, Ireland’s fly-half, Johnny Sexton, completed a brilliant long-range drop-goal.  France 13-15 Ireland

The match on Sunday was Italy vs England.  Italy showed some real promise at times and Matteo Minozzi was fun to watch, but England was just too much for the Italian squad.  Italy 15-45 England

This is real “heads-up rugby” by Anthony Watson as he switches hands at the very end of his run to touch the ball down with his left hand.



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