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Posted On: March 6, 2018 BY Mark Walters

D&H opened for business in 1994 and Barbour was a core brand for us on day one.  I bought my first Barbour jacket in a warehouse district in Chicago at an interesting shop that is no longer in business.  Hardly anyone in The States had heard of Barbour in 1987, but I knew right away that this would be a great field coat and something I would probably wear around town.  I had no idea how much I would wear the jacket or that someday I would be selling Barbour.  I still have that jacket and wear it a bunch.

Over the years, D&H has gained a reputation for carrying a very large selection of Barbour for both men and women.  Not only the classic wax jackets, but also quilted jackets and vests, shirts, sweaters, hats, luggage and more.  We have gone a bit crazy with the selection, but the customers seem to like it and sometimes we can’t help ourselves!  We work hard to find the items and fits that we think will work best for our customers.  Not every fit is for everyone.  We stock the classic country range, a more updated urban cut and the tight fitting motorcycle collection.

With all the selection, sometimes the core is overlooked.  I just completed three trips and my jacket of choice was the old-school Beaufort.  I feel like I have taken this jacket for granted and these trips proved what a work horse it is.  The jacket provides weather protection while looking good.  I know that the classic “Barbour look” will work whether I am touring a city, going out to dinner or enjoying a pint after watching a great rugby match.


Let’s look at the features that make this the right jacket for the trips.  Number one is the material.  The weather was cold, rainy, nice and everything in between.  At the last minute, I decided to grab my snap-on hood and rain hat that I purchased in 1987 at the same time I acquired the jacket.  I haven’t really used the hood all that much, but I am so glad I brought it on my first trip.  I would stow the hood and hat in the large rear game pocket and pull them out when the heavens started to open up.  My wife would wear the hat and I would attach the hood.  I do not think she felt that the hat was very stylish, but enjoyed the weatherproof feature.  It is nice that you can just simply fold the hat up to stow it in a pocket.

The length of the jacket works well for many situations as it will cover a sport coat, but is not too long for wearing in the field (I hunted in this jacket two weeks ago).  The corduroy collar feels great against the skin when turned up to block the cold, blustery sheets of wind and rain when “all hell is breaking loose” (that was the weather on our hunt).

The “secret” zipped security pocket that is along the front placket at the chest is a feature I would not want to be without.  This is the perfect place for a passport, money clip, reading glasses and other must have items.  I usually have however much cash I am willing to have stolen in my front pocket and then store the remaining in this hidden pocket.  That way, if I am on the street buying some snacks or a paying for a pint in a pub and I get pinched or some cash happens to fall to the ground it won’t be the biggest loss.  The importance of this pocket to travel cannot be over emphasized.

The two front bellows pockets are perfect for storing a camera, a snack, maybe a small water bottle (8oz works great), a folded map, a small notebook, and the glass case for your shades.

The large rear game pocket which can be accessed from either side makes this jacket a travel beast.  Hood, hat, gloves, scarf and whatever your wife says “can you carry this”.

I almost forgot to talk about the moleskin hand warmer pockets.  Brilliant!  Do not need to carry gloves.

Do I own other Barbour jackets?  Sure.  There are too many good looking options not to have a few, but I will always go back to the Beaufort for my core jacket.


The next time you are in Cincinnati, stop in our shop on Hyde Park Square and let us show you how a “core Barbour jacket” might be the answer you are looking for.  Note: although some ladies purchase a Beaufort, many prefer the length of the Bedale.  Personnel preference.  Try some on and let’s see which model you like best!

– Mark

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