Little Miami River Fishing Report

Posted On: May 15, 2018 BY Mark Walters

If you saw our three facebook posts this past Friday, you know that the fishing has turned on in the Cincinnati area.  With those posts as encouragement, I thought I would take a day and hit the Little Miami today.  I made my way to Morgan’s Canoe at Ft. Ancient and decided I would do a short three mile float so that I could concentrate on fishing and not feel rushed with having to paddle.

I tied on a large popper while on shore, but the moment I came to the first set of riffles and knew I would be changing to a streamer.

I switched to a bead head rubber leg black wooly bugger size 4.  On the second or third cast I had a nice smallmouth chase the streamer towards the end of the swing and pounce on the fly.  I worked the fast moving water a bit longer and another smallie took the streamer.  As I was working my way down stream, I was liking the look of the water more and more.  There was a small pocket of slack water right next to the fast flow and I targeted that spot.  BAAAMMMM!  The fly barely hit the water and it was engulfed.  I knew right away that this was a fighter and it didn’t take we long to get him on the reel.  He ran through the riffles and darted to the other bank like greased lightning.  After a big fight in the fast water, I brought him to hand.  This is the largest smallmouth I have landed in Ohio.

The rest of the day produced more nice smallies and all on the black bugger.  I switched to a chartreuse clouser and another streamer and nothing, so back to the black bugger for more results.


I was throwing a fast action T&T with the SA GPX line.  I have been using the RIO Big Nasty leaders and really like how they turn over the flies.  I was targeting many tight areas with lots of branches and the material delivered my fly where I wanted.  I even had to have a big argument with a branch and I won with the beefy 12lb leader material!

-Mark     May 15, 2018

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