Elkhorn Creek fishing report

Posted On: June 13, 2018 BY Mark Walters

Water was a little high and slightly stained.  Landed 15 fish: 13 smallmouth, 1 panfish and 1 gar.  Two were caught on a Dixie Devil popper and the remaining were all caught on the D&H Bugger.  I tried some other streamers without luck, so I just switched back to the Bugger that has been producing for me for years.

I pretty much stayed with moving water, although I did pick up a few fish along the bank in some slower sections.

After having no luck at “the big rock”, I work my way along the bank downstream from there and picked up a handful of fish swinging the Bugger off the bank.  The last and best fish of the day was caught under the watchful eye of an eagle.

There were two major downpours that passed over me during the day.  After the rain my polarized glasses were very wet and spotty that I could not see through them.  Luckily the BUFF I was wearing did the job of cleaning them up.

I wore my old Patagonia aluminum bar boots.  I haven’t worn these in quite some time.  They did not sell well for us in the shop because I think folks just weren’t believers.  Spend a day in a pair and you would be a big believer!


look in the bottom left corner and you can see the eagle that was keeping an eye on me
interesting place to dock a canoe
D&H Bugger: size 4 bead head rubber leg brown
two huge downpours rolled through today




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