Brookville Tailwater Fishing Report

Posted On: June 19, 2018 BY TedNicholson

I went to Brookville Tailwaters with a client yesterday.  It was a bright sunny day and temps were well into the 90’s.  The flow was right at 3ft.  Ed (my client) wanted to work on fishing a hopper dropper for his upcoming trip out west.  Since the water was low and the sun was high and bright it was easy to sight fish.  We were able to effectively work fish with the hopper dropper rig.  Fish were eager to take the size 20 black zebra midge that we were using as the dropper.  We had a couple of larger browns (15-16inches) come up for the tan foam hopper.  At the end of the day we landed 5 fish total (rainbows and browns).  We had about 15 missed opportunities as well.  Overall, we had great afternoon on the Tailwaters.




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