Elkhorn Creek fishing report June 19

Posted On: June 20, 2018 BY Mark Walters

I woke up this morning and started to get ready for work.  I made a bowl of cereal and flipped on the morning news.  The weather report said rain starting tonight and going for the next four days.  I thought “Hmm…I better go fishing today instead of staring at a computer screen.  I can do computer work tomorrow while it is raining.”  I switched gears, changed my clothes and grabbed my fishing gear.  Within a short amount of time I was heading south out of Cincinnati towards the Elkhorn Creek.  The drive through Kentucky to the Elkhorn is a pleasant drive and even though it is a bit further drive than some of the other local fishing options I don’t mind it.  I passed a diner on my way through Owenton and saw that they were advertising “Hot Soup” on their sign by the road.  Not sure if that would entice me to stop in for lunch on a 94 degree day?

I started off working around some islands and spooked a beaver that was swimming across the stream with some branches in tow.  I watched him for some time and you know what…he was busy.

I picked up a fish here and there on the D&H Bugger, but not tons of action until I came upon a nice, fast moving riffle.  It had pockets of deeper colors and I ran the Bugger through these and picked up fish.  As I was wading down the middle of the riffle, I was swinging streamers off both the left and right bank.  I noticed that all of the fish on the left were considerably larger than the fish caught on the right.  By the time I was finished fishing this large area I had picked up 17 smallies.  2 on a Dixie Devil along a bank in some slower moving water and the rest on the Bugger.

I took a break for lunch and some much needed cold water.  It was hot out there today.

I worked the Bugger through a really long stretch of great looking water that was made up of many shades of green, sage and tan…all signifying different depths and drop offs.  The colors along with big rocks here and there was just the type of water I love running streamers through.  I picked up another 9 smallmouth on the D&H Bugger.  I did try some more top water late in the day, but nothing doing.



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