winter boots that don’t slip on ice!

Posted On: November 15, 2018 BY Mark Walters

The weather in Cincinnati today is nasty.  Cold and freezing rain greeted us on the morning commute.  With a whole season of winter bliss in front of us, I thought I would take a moment to tell you about a new boot D&H is stocking that has a Vibram sole that doesn’t slip on ice.  The boot has nice leather and has 200grams on Thinsulate, but the sole is the show stopper.  The Sperry Cold Bay  Ice+ boot has a Vibram Arctic Grip sole and is worth trying.  Here are some thoughts on this new technology from a top gear reviewer:

  • With ‘thermochromatic lugs’ that turn blue and a name like ‘Arctic Grip,’ it may be hard to view Vibram’s upcoming sole technology as anything more than marketing flair. But just wait until you try it on ice.

    Rubber and wet ice traditionally don’t mix. But at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, Vibram installed a massive frozen block and encouraged people to hop on and test Arctic Grip. Almost immediately, an unrehearsed ‘WOW’ escaped the lips of the testers, as the magic rubber stuck on the slick ice with propensity rivaled by nothing short of metal spikes. It was so remarkable GearJunkie awarded it Best In Show.

  • Vibram says Arctic Grip gives “up to three times better grip” on wet ice surfaces than any other Vibram sole to date. We tried it and can confirm that the innovation is real. It sticks to wet ice like nothing we’ve ever used in a way that’s hard to believe.
  • Wet ice is the slickest surface encountered during the winter months. Vibram’s Arctic Grip technology was designed to eliminate the dangers of wet ice, but all Arctic Grip shoes will feature a sole with a mix of Arctic Grip and IceTrek (Vibram’s tested dry ice compound) that will grip to both wet and dry ice.

Stop in the shop and try a pair of these boots on.

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