fished the Elkhorn last Thursday

Posted On: July 31, 2019 BY Mark Walters

With the water settling down on the local streams, we decided to run back down to the Elkhorn last Thursday.  The water was a bit high, a bit off color and a bit cool…but we wanted to fish!

We landed 32 fish between the three of us and then we had to head home because I had to be somewhere that evening.  (Never fish with anyone that has to be home by a certain time)

Of course, the action was picking up as we were leaving the stream.  I was getting all my action on the D&H Bugger (bead head rubber leg brown wooly bugger size 4).  Brett was having a bunch of luck on a white streamer and I gave that a try and it was working for me also.  The one reason I wasn’t thinking white was because the water was stained, but I guess it wasn’t as thick as I thought it was. -Mark



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