Little Miami River fishing on Monday

Posted On: July 31, 2019 BY Mark Walters

I have been trying to get out on the LMR with a customer for some time, but the weather this spring has had us cancel and switch dates many times.  The conditions on Monday looked great so we hit the water.  It was a good call.  The canoe traffic was low compared to the weekend and the weather was perfect.

We planned on getting a canoe from Morgan’s and float from Ft Ancient to Morrow.  The day started off quiet.  We could not get a fish to take our bead head brown bugger at all.  Jim was doing everything right, but no fish.

We moved down to the next set of riffles and still no luck.  After fishing hard with no results I finally decided to switch the fly to a D&H Bugger (bead head rubber leg brown wooly bugger size 4).  Honestly, the fly wasn’t that different than the one we were throwing, but it did have rubber legs and the hackle was darker.  Jim kept swinging the streamer and bamm…fish on!  Jim said it was his best smallie to date.  We kept fishing the same fly and then another smallie engulfed the fly and this time the fish was larger than the first. 

We continued to really fish hard and picked up more fish.  I had another rod rigged with a Dixie Devil and we played around with that as we floated between riffles, but no top-water action.  Switched back to D&H Bugger and more fish.

MY favorite fish of the day was caught swinging the Bugger out of some slack water into some cruisin’ riffles and the smallie came out and chased it down and took the fly.  We targeted that specific piece of water and the bass did his job.

Towards the end of the day we tried the Dixie Devil again and finally got a fish to smash the popper.  Jim threw a cast exactly where he should have along the bank right next to some rocks and the smallie was just waiting for the fly.

Good casting and wading from Jim made for a fun day on the Little Miami.




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