Montana report

Posted On: October 6, 2019 BY Mark Walters

The fishing on the Big Hole has been tough.  We are catching fish and some nice browns, but we are having to work hard for the fish.  The thing we are finding interesting is that we are not catching any small fish.  You know you usually pick up some dinks on the edge of fast water as it comes in a pool or other kind of gimme sections of water.  Nothing.  I haven’t seen a small fish on the Big Hole.  Hmm.

We fished the Upper Ruby and it was like we were in a different state.  Lots of fish on a variety of flies.  Big wind, but good fishing.

Oh, and the fly of the trip for me is still the D&H Bugger (Bead Head Rubber Leg Brown Bugger).  Still the same fly and leader from summer smallmouth season.  I have switched it up, but I keep going back to what is working.     -Mark



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