Thomas & Thomas Avantt Fly Rods

Posted On: October 24, 2019 BY Mark Walters

We just unpacked a shipment of fly rods from Thomas & Thomas.  There were a couple of Avantt rods and I thought how much I have liked my 5-weight Avantt that I have been fishing for about three seasons.  I know this is a fantastic rod, but I wanted to see what others in the industry thought about this rod.  The following are some reviews I found online:

“This exciting new rod from Thomas and Thomas just blew us away.  It’s a huge step up from some of their past rods that haven’t performed as well in our prior Shootouts.  The Avantt has a very light swing weight, and feels just terrific in my hand.  But don’t let the light swing weight fool you – it has an abundance of power that produces terrific mid to long-range performance.
This is a very handsome rod with typical unsurpassed craftsmanship we have come to expect from T&T.  It gets one of the perfect scores for craftsmanship.  One look at the guides and how they are finished and you’ll agree that this is perfection.  No one does guide wraps and coatings better than T&T!”


“For me, the biggest surprise of the test was the new Thomas and Thomas Avantt.  I have always felt that T&T has made some of the best quality rods.  Their craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none.  While T&T’s impeccable quality build has always been nothing short of perfect, I haven’t always enjoyed T&T’s past parabolic actions and heavy swing weights.  The Avantt bridges the gap between T&T’s tradition and what a great modern fly rod should be.”



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