Winston Saltwater Air Fly Rod

Posted On: October 25, 2019 BY Mark Walters

It is always a good day when a package from Twin Bridges arrives at D&H.  The folks at Winston Fly Rods sent us a new Saltwater Air 9-weight.  I toured the Winston factory a little over a week ago with a bunch of customers.  We were in the area fishing the fine Montana waters and were treated to a guided tour.  I never tire of visiting the workshops of the companies that D&H stocks.  The amount of care and time that the people of Montana put in each rod is impressive.

The Saltwater Air has caught the attention of the flats community.  The combination of the Boron material and the lightweight resin system give the rod power with the advantage of the “Winston feel”.

Here are some thoughts from the saltwater crowd:

“The Salt Air has phenomenal accuracy at longer distances. The increased line speed and fast graphite recovery rates of the Salt Air mean this rod is made for long distance casting and performs well in windy conditions.”

“With an SA Bonefish Taper, it loads easily and delivers terrific line speed with a long stroke springy action that utilizes the flex profile of the entire rod. The butt section isn’t as stiff as on some other saltwater rods, so you can’t stand on it like you would a… Sage Salt HD, but the casting comes so easily. This is an all-day 9-weight for the angler who enjoys the casting as much as the result of the cast.”



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