Thomas & Thomas Paradigm is back!!

Posted On: October 29, 2019 BY Mark Walters

What fun we have had in the shop over the last week unpacking rods!  Today we are putting on the wall a rod that has been reintroduced to the fly world…the famous T&T Paradigm.  Ask a group of experienced anglers to name the greatest dry fly rod of all time, and the T&T Paradigm is sure to be mentioned more than once.

One angler wrote: “The action of these Thomas and Thomas fly rods reaches back to the poetry of flycasting.  Spring creek aficionados have described them as having the ability to “paint the fly on the water.”  These are the rods for the discriminating flyfisher…the angler who delights in the art of presenting flies to wary trout on oft-times gossamer tippets.  A progressive taper with extreme tip sensitivity and full-flex action are the hallmarks of T&T’s Paradigm Series fly rods.”

Stop in our fly shop in Cincinnati and treat yourself to a new smooth casting fly rod.  We are at the shop till eight this evening.




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