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Bills Khakis Chamois Cloth Pants

Bills Khakis

Product Description

These are the best-in-class khakis you've been looking for.

Named for its luxurious hand-feel, this 6.3 oz polished cotton has a slight sheen and soft touch, and launders beautifully. They work well at the office or for any occasion that requires a little more refinement. This will be the pair we reach for when it is time to put on a crisp shirt and a navy blazer.  Classic fit.  D&H stocks this item in Khaki.
  If you are not familiar with the Bills Khakis story, here it is: It all began back in 1984, when our founder bought a pair of World War II era khakis at an army surplus store near his college. He felt that modern-day khakis paled in comparison. So he vowed to recreate this symbol of original American style for modern men. What started as a garage operation quickly turned into a growing business.
< A HISTORY OF QUALITY. In addition to our original khakis, the Bills line has expanded to include new materials. New colors. New styles. But what hasn’t changed is our fierce commitment to the quality inherent in our American heritage. Everything we make is designed in the U.S.A. Everything we sell has been produced in an American factory — some still run by Amish craftsmen.

cut & sewn in the U.S.A.

Cut. CONSISTENCY. AUTHENTICITY. We know how it is when you finally find something that looks good, fits right and feels good. You want to be able to find it again. That’s why we can get pretty passionate about the consistency of our products. We offer Bills Khakis in four basic fits, and we maintain the consistency of cut and the quality of materials, year after year. And that might be the most important thing we learned from that original pair of World War II khakis.

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