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    Fly Tying Classes

    If you have any questions regarding the schools, please call Ted at the shop, 513-871-3474.

Class Description

Some information about the Fly Tying Classes Class

General info:
$40/student, full payment required ahead of class to reserve a seat. 10% off all fly tying supplies night of class for all students. Classes will be held from 6-8pm in back room of D&H. Materials provided for flies tied during the class. Students must bring their own tools (Vise, bobbin with thread, scissors, etc)

Class Overview:
Each week of the fly tying series, we will focus on a specific category of flies for various applications. During the class, we will tie two different patterns. While learning to tie these patterns, specific techniques will be taught that students will be able to apply to other patterns they tie out of class.

Beginner Class info:
Beginner classes will go over the basics of fly tying including tools, methods, materials, and technique. This class is for the new tier or somebody that needs to learn some fundamentals before moving on to more complicated patterns

Class Schedule:
Class 1: Smallmouth Streamers Wednesday, March 20th 6-8pm Flies: Purple and White Deceiver, Sparkle Baitfish
Class 2: Beginner Fly Tying Wednesday April 3rd 6-8pm Flies: Wooly Bugger, Clouser Minnow
Class 3: Trout Streamers Wednesday April 24th 6-8pm Flies: Cone head Zonker, Articulated Circus Peanut
Class 4: Smallmouth Topwater Wednesday May 15th 6-8pm Flies: Foam Popper, Gurgle bug
Class 5: Trout Nymphs Wednesday May 29th 6-8pm Flies: Zebra Midge, Copper John
Class 6: Articulated Streamers Wednesday June 19th 6-8pm Flies: Double Deceiver, Articulated Sculpin
Class 7: Beginner Fly Tying Wednesday July 10th 6-8pm Flies: Rabbit Zonker, Wooly Bugger

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